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About this site

You are about to discover the wonderful way we reward our foundation members who join in free, and why millions will miss out when this unselfish venture goes viral.

See How It Works

The SaveNaturefree local groups venture is free but dependent on a little community involvement.  so please look at the "How it Works" above, it contains your answers, also FAQs, It will take time, good things usually do  Secure your place now.

After you've been approved, join your local group or start one with the app, call it the name of your neighborhood, Town and state.

Our local groups maintain ethical billboard kiosk's with community and local business advertising to generate your rewards.

Solutions is the aim, read about our kiosk's Mission Statement


Brochure side1

Brochure side2

The brochure does not mention the planting of trees yet, it is being updated.

Here you can make the world a better place while you sleep. Our aim is to grow our lobby group to help protect the natural environment and alleviate critical  Issues facing humanity

it's not that easy finding local friends to join, so we created a color brochure >>>

download Brochure 

We also link to Teenage SUlClDE PREVENTION ToolKit with our kiosk project.

Support Our Friends at

A Green Road Project petitions Roseanne is facing a lifetime in prison because of her disability stop the inhumanity




At saveNaturefree Kiosk's we provide ethical monthly rewards for nature lovers from your local team billboards advertising revenue, We do NOT charge fees!!, All you have to do is check above that it is not a recruiting s-c-a-m then add a kiosk group in your area.

and plant ten trees in 12 months. Get $400 for your trouble.  

The offer is strictly limited

See FAQ Page

The Kiosk project will provide facts about the fragile environment in the area, in your country, and any issue important to your area can be raised and published at the local kiosk.

A powerful silent lobby for improved community and sustainable environmental outcomes.

Your monthly share will not start immediately, join now, as the faster a team grows the sooner a kiosks appears in a park or mall near you. You must belong to your local group , See the Groups tab and Learn more here


Act early, the monthly reward is limited to 22 members per neighbourhood kiosk.


A powerful secret that will change the world
No payment required

You qualify and rewards begin shortly after a kiosk is established in your area.
Check if a group is here or start one now.
Unity is strength.!!!
Save Nature and the planet together.
WE can do It
Visit our friends at Architects of a New Dawn 

A sample kiosk with shutters in place.

Visit these topics in our Forum.
How the Power works
We also lobby Government.
Some of the concerns

When Do We Get Our Rewards?
12 Traditions os SaveNaturefree


Networking together for Mother Earth

SaveNaturefree is about silent lobbying through strength of numbers. And The first 22 in your neighborhood who help two local friends join will receive a monthly income. just help Two Local People, friends or family, join together here.
Before long your community will have
it's own kiosk team The forum here has more info,
If we want to see policy concerns addressed, we just need more people joining us.
Join Us Here

Your local team kiosk makes income through ethical advertising of which 90% is paid to kiosk teams .

Why should you join?

A Free Powerful Super Secret

not related to the book.

Find us on Google+

Ning Web Creators

The OTHER Secret
also free.

Join Us Here

About silent Lobby power
If you needed votes in your town to win an election, you have to address what most people are concerned about.
Click the Powerful secret link  For mother earth I give it to you free.

So It all works due to our growing numbers. Just find two friends to join us and be sure to share this information with them.
Sign Up Here

Add our badge to your site.


The Power of One

YouTube Video
One SONG can spark a moment
One FLOWER can wake the dream
One TREE can start a forest
One BIRD can herald spring
One SMILE begins a friendship
One HANDCLASP lifts a soul
One STAR can guide a ship at sea
One WORD can frame the goal
One VOTE can change a nation
One SUNBEAM lights a room
One CANDLE wipes out darkness
One LAUGH will conquer gloom
One STEP must start each journey
One WORD must start a prayer
One HOPE will raise our spirits
One TOUCH can show you care
One VOICE can speak with wisdom
One HEART can know what is true
One LIFE can make a difference,
One SNOWFLAKE can start an avalanche,
– You see, it’s up to you.
-- Author Unknown --

Take a sheet of paper tear in two,
Put them together and tear again
do it twenty times
You will have over ONE Million tiny bits of paper.


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Sacred Activism

New site coming soon - New site coming soon` Yayyyy
Welcome to SaveNatureFREE - Local Groups, Est 2003 (website v1.2) created by the SNF foundation

An eclectic bunch of musicians, authors, comedians, doctors, and artistic free thinkers, Caring about the environment and other issues. More

Latest news... Going Viral

What we do is...(you can opt-out at any time)

Easy as A.B.C and it helps get the 99% (We The People) into power, putting an end to the lobby money in politics.

What are we signing in for? free membership  if...

  • A: Add 2 friends to your free local group.
  • B: Pledge to plant 10 seedlings a year with your free local group. (gets you out more `-)
  • C: Get paid $400 a year.

always free. free 4ever, 100% after cost profit distributed to our foundation members. 

Sign in here and see >> How It Works

The Banner says "People power sharing profit and saving the environment", It is simple and clear.

Works like a Ponzi scheme but is FREE.

This is how we do it together -  Plant 10 trees a year and get paid $400 a year, you earn a share from the local groups ethical ad revenue.

what could be clearer?

see How It Works

note... iSafesite registration link

Find your Group 

*Our founder is poor, Gives talks for food*

See  Solutions Page & The ascension key

'Our early birds share 100% of after cost revenue - the join button is at top

 This message may resonate and you join us, or there could no little for humanity where many like you don't know the truth, think of your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. They have the list to see who cared and those who didn't really care or where all talk.

Working for Mother Nature just got a whole lot easier,

 More Video clips

your group is your hub 

  • How it works explains the ethical ad kiosks, and the excess revenue sharing.
  • Check our Still not here list
  • We pledge to mother earth: to add two friends to our local group.
  • Your reward: around $40 a month. some kiosks will generate more ad revenue than others.

We have been with iSafe site since 2009  

 Check out

  1. our Solutions Vids Page 
  2. Sacred Economics FaceBook group.
  3. How it Works,  
  4. Dr David Suzuki - The most-important-thing-I have ever-done

as many miss the point of this site. What makes SNF free membership unique? We share our revenue with our members, and we don't take a cut.

Before you dismiss our great offer check our time at this URL.

Your free Welcome Package includes...

  • Complete Self-Sufficiency pdf, 253 illustrated pages.
  • DVD: 3 hours Permaculture training. value $130 when you find your local group.
  • Monthly check (approx $40.00) when your local kiosk opens and you've added two local friends, (Note: be quick... limited to 22 founding members in your group.)

Anyone over 13 can join free. 

Bound to go VIRAL soon - Don't miss out.

see How it works some 4 member families will receive $164 a month   

Be the change...

New Zealand man living near the Daintree Rain forest in Australia decided to share the Kiosk revenue to early members for joining and helping get the venture started.

Join us After checking the iSafe site badge >>>

It's only a matter of time before this goes VIRAL and millions will be unable to get over $480.oo per year just for helping their local group get started.



22 of you, including your friends and loved ones (if you add them) share in the local Groups kiosk ad revenue.

Check out our iSafeSite Registration before you read the next line

You only have to ad two locals from your area.

This could soon go viral. Only those who act quick will receive the sensational monthly reward of about $40.oo


 *¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨* Unity is the Real Solution *¨*•.¸¸¸.•*¨*

Your here to help transform the way the worlds resources are shared and evaluated, What you do here unselfishly expands your horizons, It opens our minds, it enables me to share value with the people we care about

   During a tight election a group with 100 members can make or break a local members chance of retaining power. You should not find it difficult to obtain planning permission to erect your Kiosk in a public place.

The offer is strictly limited to 22 in each group. Act fast 

Host one of these SNF community ad Kiosk's in your neighborhood free Join a free Local Group here to begin Never pay, always free, our ads generate your reward and help save the planet.    

 Insure you have joined your local group. If one hasn't been created yet the app is easy to use. Just insure you complete your simple pledge to the kiosk group. 

The add new group button is next to your name on the groups page 

If you are not moved by this video please don't bother joining us.

Action is always wise when it is necessary

Print this card for spreading the news.

Do a simple check >>>

third-party safety, security, trust and privacy advocate. > > >

This website is not listed on any scam sites.

Google Savetheworldfree and SaveNaturefree, look for bad reports check Spam Cop

Certified iSafeSite Member


I started something

I started something that has been getting kudos. From AustralianGovernment and Silicon Vally A Foundation (currently beingsetup by volunteers) designedto grow exponentially (go viral)It is a local community driven realworld ad kiosk (see photo) hosting community concerns and generating revenue for the local group of…Continue

Started by Alex Reid in Does your Town have a group yet? see Groups tab above. Dec 15, 2015.

Newspaper for Anonymous 13 Replies

Here's the post from Adelphi "After lengthy discussions with my mate Robbie last night he has come up with a suggestion for a newspaper for Anonymous.Do you have connections in publishing?There are ways around it that are cost effective with the printing.It could be a monthly tribute to General all round Anonymous awesomeness.If it sounds too hard, fair call, but just putting it out there."Continue

Started by Alex Reid in Does your Town have a group yet? see Groups tab above.. Last reply by Alex Reid Aug 8, 2015.

A 50 States Convention Program- Article V Constitution 1 Reply

 A 50 States Convention Program- Article V of the Constitution has become a interest to many people across America. We are pleased to announce that we have covered 85% of the Territories across the USA to complete the program, but we will not finish until the full spectrum has been completed.TTTG Networking Endorses Convention of States The following video was formatted on documents released. this video release is by far creditable.Convention of States Rise Up- by Anonymous…Continue

Tags: Convention-of-States, Article-V-Constitution, America

Started by Aka Anonymous in Issues for YOUR local community. Last reply by Aka Anonymous Aug 2, 2015.

Thoughts About the Elements and Theory of Evolution

Hi everyone, I'd like to share a new section I've just written about the elements spirit, light, air, water, and minerals, and how they relate to our energy bodies, the chakras, colors, chemistry, biology, evolution, the design of higher-dimensional kingdoms, and the classical elements:

Started by jmaf6556 in General post here May 7, 2015.

Mother earth is suffering!!

Mother earth is suffering!! Join our efficacious endeavor now, we'd hate to lose you.
Join Us Here
Whats in it for you?
Our growing teams open real world kiosk's. As these Save Nature Kiosk's begin opening we share with you members our advertising revenue, keeping only 10% for upkeep and admin costs. But only the first 22 at each location can claim. There are still lots of places.

Join us Free
To qualify you must...Get two local friends to join, In this way your taking part in the team building effort...
1, Add two local friends to this effort and pass on to them this forum topic-
A powerful secret that will change the world

2, Be in the first 22 registred for your local kiosk. (see Groups to find if your town is already forming a kiosk team)
3, Be still living in the town where your local kiosk opens.

I would suggest if you really want to get an income from this, you print out a hard copy of this and put it up on the fridge. You have questions? You may not be interested now?, but later you might. If you wait you will have less chance. You can leave at any time, all your data will be deleted.

This is a WIN WIN for you (first 22 early birds) at each location and for the environment, as every member increases our lobby power.

Two Good Forum Topics which help paint the Bigger picture,
- A powerful secret that will change the world
- Who builds a kiosk and how it comes together

Mother Earth needs every single one of you! your all a part of one big Earth family.
If your not with us your a part of the problem, Join the debate if you disagree

Join Us Here and Get Paid
Ask two local friends to join and do the same. That's it. Your monthly payments begin when a saveNaturefree kiosk is operating in your area. no fees, no surprise's. Read about them on the left.

Insuring you pass on This Secret (not related to the book) and see that they to do the same is THE secret that will help save our beautiful home planet from rampaging natural resources corporations.

Some of the concerns here


That bit is so important It's well worth repeating "Insuring you pass on this secret and see that two locals to do the same is The Secret (not related to the book) this growth will help us change laws and save our beautiful home planet from rampaging natural resources corporations ."
This Secret (not related to the book) (see below) will change the world via Love and our kiosk's in public places. As our membership grows, a local government will allow our request for public info kiosk's due to the combined vote power of our membership.

The power has been known by some for centuries, It relates to multiplication. When harnessed for good it can change the world.
Multiply one by two, 20 times and you get over a one million. 1, 2, 4, 8. 16 and so on, many don't believe that until they prove it form themselves.

The secret; All you have to do to change the world through love is find two local people and pass the secret on to them. If they fail to see the love in the idea find someone else until two have joined us. That's It.

Please Direct your two friends here to read this for themselves, or print this section for those without internet access.
Sign up before you do anything else, We would hate to lose you.
Sign Up Here

Some of the concerns

A Powerful secret
LEGITIMACY and privacy are discussed in the Forum including how the POWER OF ONE works. See links to feedback, privacy, and report an issue at the Page Bottem.


Help us support our friends


Say NO to Violence Against Women


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It’s all over the news — scientists just released new research that says that we’re on the verge of a mass extinction of hundreds of species that "could easily, easily ruin the lives of everybody on the planet”.…


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Can do better

Please visit our friends


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12 Traditions of SNF Kiosk's

We love Nature and we vote.

(Bumper sticker) 

The Twelve Traditions of SNF Kiosk groups 

  1. Our common team unity should always come first; Kiosk health depends upon team unity and member participation.There is but one ultimate authority…

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news from our fiunding member

The website listed on the protected page, SaveNaturefree Here, has met the minimum safety and quality assurance requirements of iSafeSite, a third-party safety, security, trust and privacy advocate.…


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Sharing wealth is not that simple when your very wealthy.

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Sharing wealth is not that simple



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